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For most of my adult life, I have been fortunate to make a living in the entertainment industry, primarily writing and producing programming for children’s television.  My very first entertainment job was working as a mime – and, at various times, I have also been a massage therapist, dog walker, lifeguard, sous chef and bartender (my signature creation: the Lap Dance Martini!).


When not working or wandering off on an adventure with one of my fictional friends, I enjoy spending time with my real friends, indulging in wine tasting, cheese sampling and chocolate nibbling. My other hobbies/habits include reading – so many books, so little time – practicing Tai Chi, indulging my iTunes addiction, and improving my espresso-brewing skills (so far, Starbucks has nothing to worry about). I also admit to a slightly unhealthy fascination with motorcycles, in particular Harleys… and Harley riders. It’s all good.



ABOUT ME (the author)

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