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INTUITION: A Kylie Anderson Vacation


Fearless, fashionable, Federal Agent Kylie Anderson takes a bullet, saves the President, convalesces on her family’s cruise ship, battles hijackers and annoys her mother. 


     I pulled my nine-millimeter from the back of my waistband and zipped it into my jacket pocket. No point in risking it falling into the sea while I was monkeying around on the railings.

     “Katherine Lee Anderson, what are you doing with a gun!?!” Nancy Griswald was shocked. And loud.

     “Nancy, be quiet,” I hissed at her. “I thought Mother told you that I’m an agent?”

     “Since when do agents carry guns, young lady? My cousin worked for William Morris for twenty years and he never carried a weapon!” Nancy was indignant.

     “She’s not a talent agent, dearheart,” Herb Griswald tried to clarify.

     My mother at least had the good grace to look embarrassed at Nancy’s lack of comprehension. “Now you see why I didn’t mention the gun to her?”

     And thank goodness for that small favor. The hijackers had just learned that I was a federal agent, but, at least, they didn’t know that I was armed. And they didn’t know that I’d found a way to get in and out of the locked suite.

     In fact, there was a lot the hijackers hadn’t yet discovered about me, not the least of which was just how dangerous I could be when someone threatened my family.


"Intuition" is an explosive (!), fast-paced but light-hearted adventure involving guns, bombs, moms, a not-so-relaxing cruise, and one tenacious and resourceful Federal Agent, Kylie. The characters are well-drawn and detailed, the action is carefully planned and believable, and the dialogue is creative. This is a super beach-read, but don't wait for summer!! Get it now and enjoy your own little vacation with Kylie.

Amazon Reviewer V. Young

Joining Agent Kylie Anderson on her hijacked cruise ship is like tagging along with Bruce Willis on a Die Hard adventure -- only instead of Willis' John McClane, you're out with your best-ever first date (I'm a guy; if you're a woman, substitute "best-ever first date" with "instant-BFF").

Amazon Reviewer ToonScribe

Praise for Bullets & Tiaras: Victoria is so bloody badass! I read this book in the summer and it was pure, perfect poolside satisfaction. I'm thinking of rereading it on a cold winter night. I miss Victoria's adventures and I'm hopeful for a sequel. Victoria is this girly-girly hero with deadly curves. She's armed with multiple weapons hip to ankle and Girlfight-esque boxing skills. Add in her powers of seduction and she is no match for any man. And yet she finds love in the midst of a suspense filled mystery. Cuddled in bed with a hunky piece of manliness she carefully pieces together clues to a chilling crime. Highly recommended!

Amazon Reviewer Kelly Elayne Williams

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